Kaua’i Flood Relief Effort 2018

On April 15th, 2018, Kaua’i sustained the worst flash flooding in recorded national history bringing in 50 inches of rain in 24 hours. We were forced to cancel tours for a couple of weeks while our community was rebuilding itself. Ownership volunteered our catamaran Kamahele Kai II and the crew volunteered their time in the relief efforts.

As of May 1st, we have resumed our tours! The flood created a sinkhole in Weke Rd. (the road we use to get to our departure point – Hanalei Pier), so we will be shuttling our passengers as far as we can go (Hanalei Pavilion) and walking on the beach the rest of the way (about 15 minute walk — about 1/2 mile). Please keep this in mind when making your reservation. Unfortunately, there is no way around this – the walk is absolutely required at this time. If you already have a tour booked and cannot do the walk, please call us immediately and we will cancel and refund your tour. We would also like to note that Hanalei can be rainy — so please be prepared to walk in the rain. We suggest you to bring a cover-up and/or rain jacket.

Mahalo for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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