Our Boat & Crew

The Kamahele Kai II is a state-of-the-art, custom built vessel. Decades of experience running tours enabled us to design the ideal vessel for the NaPali Coast. Our catamaran is all about the comfort and safety of our passengers. We had it built in 2014 and placed in service in the spring of 2015.

  • 35 foot power catamaran
  • Bathroom on board
  • All power, no sail, so we can enter the sea caves!
  • Sunbrella canopy for UV protection and shade
  • Plenty of room to move around – you aren’t stuck in your seat!

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Our Crew

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Captain Nick: A world class surfer, Nick was born and raised on Kauai’s North Shore. Nick’s father, “Whitey,” started Na Pali Catamaran in 1973. That said, Nick was essentially raised on the Na Pali coast and when not running our Kamahele Kai, Nick can be found on his own boat, the Uli Uli. Nick is our lead captain, a future owner of NPC and has been a certified captain for us since 2005. Nick’s many interests include diving, fishing, jet skiing and sharing his knowledge of the ocean with any and all interested.


Captain Jonathon: Like Nick, Jon was born on Kauai’s North Shore. Jon conducts himself in a detailed manner with both the boat and our guests. Jon is the consummate family man and when not boating or working his beautiful Northshore property, Jon enjoys fishing, surfing and all things Hawaiiana.


Captain Samuel : Half Hawaiian and a life long resident of Kauai’s Northshore, Sam offers a perspective of the Na Pali coast like only the Hawaiians can. One of our premier captains, Sam has been with NPC since 2004. Not only is Sam a legendary surfer in these parts, it has been said that Sam is “universal.” Sam and his beautiful wife share a home on Kauai’s Northshore and aside from boating and surfing, Sam is an avid photographer and many of the pictures you see on this website were taken by Captain Sam.

Sean Headshot118051186011803

Captain Sean: Also born and raised on Kauai’s Northshore, Sean’s father, John, is a top boat builder on the island. Sean’s trips up and down the Na Pali coast are too many to count! The epitome of “waterman,” Sean is a world class free diver and is very knowledgeable about boats and the ocean (from both above and below!). Sean is into all things fitness and when not in or on the water, Sean is traveling, snowboarding, in the gym or racing his dirt bikes.

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